Wednesday, July 23, 2008

random wednesday #001

my to-do list (before I'm allowed to leave the house):
  • spin (sock weight, tour-de-fleece challenge day!)
  • create silk fusion paper for hand made books
  • dye alpaca blend from NM
  • bind one hand made book
  • work on A-mom's birthday gift
  • re-cast on for modified Hedera socks
  • re-inventory all yarn (photos, tags, yardage, wpi)
  • upload all necessary photos to flickr (yay pro!)
  • organize my ravelry page.
  • watch brothers & sisters (this will coincide with the first to-do)
  • beat Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
I know, I know, self proclaimed nerd. Happy Humpday.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

tasty tuesday #001

welcome to the first:

I'll start by warning that I have no cooking ability. None at all. Squat. Can't cook. But I can bake. I love to bake. When I was little my mom used to let us help her bake cookies on rainy days. I always had a... um... problem... with touching the ingredients, because they were messy. Although, with working at sbux I've learned a little how to deal with that, so that's helpful. And it's sparked my interest in creating baked goods again. Last month I made thumbprint cookies using jam from my trip to London and the week after that I made rainbow cupcakes taking after this post by Bakerella.

Unfortunately I don't have photos yet, seeing as those were both pre-blog and I didn't think to take photos. I haven't been able to bake since then due to my recent lack of tonsils and all the pain that comes with it. So no baking for a while, until I can swallow cupcakes again anyway.

So for today I'm just going to go throw some of my favorite baking blogs real quick:
  • Cupcakes Take the Cake showcase some of the most fabulous cupcake goods I've ever seen. And they're based in NY so I can start visiting some of the bakeries they discuss. =)
  • The Cake Ninja has some really interesting recipes and things that make me smile.
  • Bakerella has ingenious baking ideas for lots of kitchen fun, AND she knows Martha.
  • Couture Cupcakes has beautiful creations that tingle my visual taste buds.
I don't really think anyone's really this blog quite yet, but if you stumble across care to recommend a few more?

Monday, July 21, 2008

so i'm starting a blog.

It's time I started a blog. I've been reading a lot of crafting/sewing and cooking blogs and the idea is actually a little alluring to me. I can't say it would be a knitting blog. It won't really be a personal blog either. I thought I could have a specific day assigned to a topic.
  • Fiber Friday, obviously
  • Movie Monday (mostly TV, I don't watch a bunch of movies)
  • Tasty Tuesday (food -- mmm.)
  • Random Wednesday
  • Torture Thursday (emotional stuff I need to get off my chest)
  • Work Weekends (I work at Starbucks and sometimes need to vent, don't worry corporate, anonymity will withstand)

I haven't read many blogs that work this way, maybe there are. It's not a very novel concept, but I thought it could be interesting, and then I'd be more dedicated to blog often, which will probably be my downfall. Am I going to say that I won't be bitching and moaning ever. No, I will be. I'm going through some stuff right now and because of it I think I need an outlet. Something semi-anonymous where I can vent and show off my crafty things, maybe even make a few friends? =)

So I'll start with a quick introduction, my name's Melissa, I'm 22, female, single-ish, Graphic Design student (senior!) at FIT in NYC, commuter from Long Island. Ok? Good. Hopefully the fun with begin tomorrow. Now I'm off to decorate my new blog.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

first post

Is there ever a different first post? I suppose they are all supposed to be introductions of yourself to the blogging world. Eh... skip that.

k'nerd = knitting nerd

I'm a complete dork, and an art student. Is there anything else you need to know?

Sarcastic, friendly, squishy, colorful, and a giggler.